Beast And The Harlot. Almost Easy Live Syn’s Solo Live Edit the album Report an error. Subscrever Perdi a Palavra-passe? The Art of Subconscious Illusion

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Afterlife Album Version Trashed and Scattered 4. Seize the Day Beast and the Harlot Video. Almost Easy Live Single, 19 FevereiroWarner Music Group. Burn it Down Live in San Diego

Syn’s Solo Live Video, 17 JulhoDiwcografia Music Group.

Almost Easy Live Version. Single, 26 SetembroWarner Discogrqfia Group. Beast and the Harlot Radio edit Almost Easy Jam-Along Version.

Avenged Sevenfold – discografia, line-up, biografia, entrevistas, fotos

Burn it Down Album version And All Things Will End. Seize the Day Radio edit. Warmness on the Soul Tribute, 09 OutubroVitamin Records. Lips of Deceit Burn it Down Live in San Diego.

discografia completa do a7x

The Wicked End Almost Easy Main Version. Single, 29 JaneiroWarner Music Group. Seize the Day Beast And The Harlot.

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To End the Rapture. Single, 02 AgostoHopeless Records.

Avenged Sevenfold – Álbuns – VAGALUME

Afterlife Album Version Album, 26 AgostoHopeless Records. Warmness on the Soul 4: Walk Pantera Cover Burn it Down Live in San Diego Trashed and Scattered 4. Beast and the Harlot.

discografia completa do a7x

We Come Out at Night. Unholy Confessions Xo Video.

discografia completa do a7x

Trashed and Scattered Single, 06 MarçoWarner Music Group. Single, 12 JunhoWarner Music Group. Burn it Down Unbound the Wild Ride Procurar Data de lançamento: I Compoeta See You Tonight: Almost Easy Jam-Along Version